JU BCL for assisting admission seekers

:: JU correspondent ::

Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) of Jahangirnagar University (JU) unit organized a view exchange meeting to complete the university admission test fairly and to assist incoming students for admission test.

On Saturday at 5 pm, the meeting was held at seminar room of Jahir Raihan Auditorium on the campus.

Presided over by the JU BCL president Jewel Rana and directed by general secretary S M Abu Sufian Chanchal, more than 350 leaders and activists from different halls were present at the meeting.

Journalists working at the campus were also present there.

Leaders and activists of JU BCL and Journalists expressed their own opinions to complete the admission test properly and to assist incoming students.

BCL president Jewel Rana and secretary S M Abu Sufian Chanchal gave answers to all questions about solving the problems and accepted all the opinions.

After this, BCL president presented some steps taken by JU BCL during admission test.

This includes- set up 3 support camps for the assistance of students, set up volunteer team for supporting students, providing accommodation for incoming students, arrangement of pure water in front of all examinations center, formation of a medical team to medical support.

Lastly, BCL president Jewel Rana urged all the leaders and activists to stay away from any kind of bad work and to make a good image of the organization by providing high based help to students.

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