JU employees demand removal of chief security officer

:: JU Correspondent ::

 The employees of Jahangirnagar University (JU) besieged the residence of Vice-Chancellor demanding the removal of the chief security officer Sudipta Shaheen. 

Around 200 employees of the university brought out possession and came to the  VC’s residence and took a position at 12.00 am on Tuesday night and started chanting slogan on the favor of their demand. 

The chief security officer allegedly beat up the president aspirant of upcoming 4th class employee union election Sharif Miah along with his brother Arif and Jamal brutally, sources said.

The protestors also alleged that other security officers Daud Mollah, Sohel and Khokon Ghosh took part in beating up along with Sudipta Shaheen.

About the plotting of the beaten up incident the agitators said that on Tuesday night, Shudipta Shaheen was drunk and crossing around Sharif Miah running motorbike with high speed and headlight of the motorbike fall on the face of Sharif Miah. Then he asked that who was that and Sudipta Shaheen replied harshly and verbally abused him. Later, Sudipta Shahin along with his fellows assault on Sharif Miah and his brother and another employee Jamil.

The president aspirant Sharif Miah demanded the exemplary punishment on this connection.

While contacted, the chief security officer denied the incident and he claimed that no such type of beaten up incident happened.

‘I was coming from Bishmail area and while headlight falls on his face, he made bad slang furiously towards me. When I summoned my fellows, they ran away from the spot’, said Sudipta Shahin.  

‘If we get any written complaint against Sudipta Shaheen, the university administration will take stern action over this incident’, said JU’s proctor ASM Firoz Ul Hasan.

The protestors left the VC residence premises around 3.00 am. ending three hours long blockade.  

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