JU PA dept forms human chain against ragging

:: JU correspondent ::

Holding the slogan “Cholo jay juddhe, Ragging er biruddhe”, students of Public Administration department of Jahangirnagar University (JU) formed human chain against ragging.

On Wednesday at around 11:00 am, over 100 students from different batches of the department formed the human chain in front of the “Amor Ekushey” sculpture of the universiry.

In the meantime, students are seen to contain festoons holding many other slogans like ‘ragging is a mental harassment’, ‘we don’t want ragging in our beautiful campus’, ‘ragging is oppression, not the road to friendship’ and ‘ragging doesn’t break the ice, it breaks lives,careers’ etc.

On behalf of the students of the 47th batch Adhora Madhuri Das said, “Many people think that Jahangirnagar University means ragging. We must finish this custom and concept”.

Khairul Kabir Nobel of 46 batch said, “Many times we have made an extra effort to show brotherhood. We didn’t face ragging in our department and didn’t make victim our juniors of such kind of activities. We want that our juniors will abstain from doing such things. We must understand the difference between ragging and relationship building”.

Apart from this, Aparajita Mitra of 43th batch said, “Every student comes to the university with a dream, but this ragging system spoils their dreams. We do not want that any student will face this situation in future”.

About the programme, chairman of the department Dr. Jebunnessa said, “Public Administration department builds leadership. I applaud this initiative of the students especially the students of 47th batch to stop ragging. We want to maintain good relations among all the students of the department, but it is not through harassment.”

“The university authority is going to take hard action against ragging. In the same sequence, we will take effective measures to stop the ragging in our department. If any allegation will be drafted against any student we will recommend to the central committee for his punishment and will also take departmental action against the accused”, she added.

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