JU SRJ hall canteen resumes after 2 years

:: JU correspondent ::

About two-year later, authorities of Shaheed Rafiq Jabbar (SRJ) hall have resumed its canteen on Monday for the residential students.

A report was published on September 23 at the Daily Peoples Time in the headline of ‘No canteen at JU SRJ hall since two years’, which made positive response among the hall authority and they took initiative for resuming canteen.

With sincere efforts of Shaheed Rafiq Jabbar Hall provost Prof. Sohel Ahmed and the adjuvant activities of the leaders of Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) of this dormitory, the canteen was re-open.

Residential students of this dormitory have became highly glad for launching the canteen again and gave thanks to the authority.

Nur Hossian, a residential student of the dormitory said, ‘We had to face various types of problems due to absence of canteen in our dormitory. However, now we are very happy to know that the hall authority has paid heed to our demand to resume canteen’.

The leaseholder of the canteen Mohammed Sohel said, ‘I was the leaseholder of this canteen I was forced to stop it because of various problems’.

‘Now I will try my best to run the canteen properly and will give services to the students of the hall’, he added.

Provost of the dormitory Prof Dr. Sohel Ahmed said, ‘I have tried my best to launch canteen. Now I am also happy to do it. I will always sincere to solve all problems of students in the future.”


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