Kohli’s storm India’s easy win

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India lost the first match The second match flows in rain As a result, the final match was India’s defense for the series. Harley series confirmation of defeat. If you win, you can not win the series, at least you can draw. This match was held in Sydney, India defeated hosts Australia by six wickets.

India captain Virat Kohli’s batting has basically won the match. Indian captain, who remained unbeaten on 41 off 41 balls. He hit two fours off the boundary with four fours. India win by two balls in win.

The Indian batsmen got off to a flying start in reply to Australia’s 164-run first-innings total. Especially the peak Dhawan. Australian bowlers were shocked to see their windy innings He scored 41 runs in 22 balls. He hit two sixes with six boundaries and he was named LBW by Mitchell Starc.

Rohit Sharma was playing with a little bit. He scored 23 runs from 16 balls. Get bowled like Adam Jamper. Virat Kohli plays in ODI He made a pair of Lokesh Rahul for a small 41-run partnership. Rahul got out after 14 runs Rishav Pant was dropped in the field after the 1st bowler said. Then Kohli finished the rest with Dinesh Karthik. Both of them were unbeaten on 60 runs partnership.

India needed 5 runs in the last over. Bowler Andrew Tie Although Virat Kohli did not have to score runs in his first two balls, Kohli hit two successive boundaries in the next two deliveries to give India the winning goal. Mitchell Starc, Adam Jamah, Glenn Maxwell and Andrew Ti took 1 wicket each.

Earlier, none of the Australian batsmen could score a big score to win the toss. Everyone has got medium-sized scores. For this reason, the Asiara collected 164 runs by six wickets in the end. D.K.K. short of 33 runs in 29 balls Captain Aaron Phinpe scored 28 runs in 23 balls. Alec Cucus scored 27 runs in 19 balls. Marcus Stuinien remained unbeaten with 25 runs from 15 balls.

India’s spinner, Crunil Pandey, has been ruled out of the series, Although he scored 36 runs in 4 overs, he took 4 wickets in Australia Kuldeep Yadav took 1 wicket.

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