“Long-Term Plan To Improve Test,T-Twenty”

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In almost all the countries of the world, they have created three separate groups for three formats. Two Test specialist Taejul Islam and Mominul Haque meet in Test cricket in Bangladesh. These two played only Test cricket and played better than many other people.

So, do you need to play some Test specialist cricketer to improve Test cricket? Test and T20 captain Shakib Al Hasan did not agree with this. According to him, while the other teams in the world play different players in three formats, some of the main players are always the same.

According to Shakib, the long plan of any format that is more important than formatting the wiz player. It will take longer to get results in a short-term plan.

He said, ‘You look at any team but some players are the same. When three or four players come in, it does not make a big difference. One of the main players is very important. If we think of playing some new players in T-20s, a little experience in the Test, it would be a bad choice. In this way some new players can be found.

He said, ‘We have been trying a few things for the last few days. We have tested some new players in T-20s. As there is a chance to test in T20, we are testing it in the place where we find it suitable for international cricket. We have a reliable team in ODI. But there are lots of improvements in our Test and T20s. There is a need for long-term planning in this regard. At the same time, there is a need for short-term plans. If we want to make many improvements in these two formats. ‘

At the same time, Shakib also reminds the fact that if the country plays well during this period, Bangladesh team can not have a lot of advantage when playing outside the country. Tiger captain said that he would have to prepare for this situation. Long-term planning for that requires.

He said, ‘We also know, we struggle when we go out. It will be very good preparation to get out of it. What I said earlier, a long-term plan to do. Trying once or twice but can not win. I have been playing cricket for 11/12 years. In the first 8 years, maybe I’ve talked about flat wickets. Now our mind has changed mindset. We’re bowling on spinning wickets. It will come with time, it is very difficult in one day. For these, long-term planning has to be done. If we do that, we might get the benefit after five years. And if it is not planned yet it can take ten years.

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