Mawlana Saad followers united to meet their demands

Conflict between two groups in Kakrail Mosque

:: Peoples Time Desk ::

Thousands followers of Maulana Saad united in the Circuit House Mosque on Sunday (9 September) for their demands.

Later on the administration’s request, they left the Circuit House mosque to take position in the Gulistan Central Mosque and they told that they would not return home until their demands were met. After returning from Saudi Arabia after the Hajj on Saturday Saad’s followers stuck in obstacle during entering into the Kakrail Mosque.

During this, there was conflict between the two groups. It is known that some people were injured. Additional police forces have been deployed in front of the Kakrail Mosque to control the situation. It was known that some of the deceased and his companions, including Shura Wajiful Islam, a Shura member of Mawlana Saad Kandhalvi, went to Hajj.

After the Esha prayers on Saturday night, they face this obstacle when they want to enter into the Kakrail Mosque. At that time their anti-group mawlana Jobayer’s followers were inside the mosque. Several people were injured in the blast and collision. After that police brought the situation under control. The situation was a bit quiet but tension prevailed between the two sides.

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