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Mohammed Mithun came to the national team after being experienced For the long time playing his first class cricket, his batting seems like a lot. The first half of the career, such as Half Centuries have arrived.

But Mithun could not do much better against the West Indies in the Chittagong Test. In two innings, out of set 17 and 2 runs. The 27-year-old batsman, however, is lucky to think that, at the beginning of the Test career, he got his favorite position.

Mithun, who used to play as a middle-order batsman in domestic league. In the four Tests of four innings, he has got the opportunity to bat four. She thinks she’s going to be big.

The right-hander said, “I have a chance at a very good place. It’s certainly big for me to find that I’m batting in a good place. See if the place is to be cooked, then it must be done with performance. I am trying to improve day by day. I try my best. Yet it is not possible to succeed in all innings. For many times the condition, I make mistakes myself a lot. Trying to get out of it. I will try my way.

Mithun added, ‘Of course you have an Advantage when you bat at your own finishing position. The place where used to bat many days, it does not seem like a new thing. The place will look unfamiliar if you bat in another place. Now it’s not like that. I got batting in the place where I used to bat. Do not think anything new. I have played before, and I enjoy the place.

Chittagong did not do well in the Test, is a little disappointed? Mithun’s answer, ‘a lot depends on the condition. Of course, what I had hoped was not the whole. There is another test in front. We will try to do good there.

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