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Awami League leaders blamed the pro-Awami League teachers of Dhaka University for making the DUCSU election questionable and controversial. A number of top leaders of Awami League said that some of the overenthusiastic teachers of the blue panel have made the situation controversial and heated and made the election controversial.

In order to please the government, they put the government in an embarrassing situation.

The acting general secretary of Awami League Mahbubul Alam Hanif told Bangla Insider that DUCSU election was a fair election. Students voted freely.

The students expressed their enthusiasm through voting. Due to the inefficiency and unwanted actions of some teachers, questions have been raised against the election. The Dhaka University administration could not handle the situation efficiently.

Another Awami League leader Tofail Ahmed said some teachers of Dhaka University were overenthusiastic. They made the election controversial and questionable in an attempt to show their extreme support for Awami League.

He said that they were more Catholic than the Pope. In this election, Bangladesh Chhatra League could win the election without doing much. But the teachers could not prove their eligibility properly in the election management.

Begum Matia Chowdhury, the leader of the Awami League, said that there were a number of blunders of those who were involved in conducting the election.

She gave the example of Kuwait Maitree Hall where all the marked ballots in favor of BCL were actually fake ballots. But at that time the university authorities failed to take the required steps. They could not promptly respond saying that the ballot papers were fake.

The election management body should have the expertise to identify the fake ballots. If they told the media that the marked ballot papers were not real, then the situation would have been different.

The situation quickly became more heated as the Hall Provost was relieved. But the situation could have been tackled more efficiently, she added.

Another senior leader of Awami League Mohammed Nasim believes that the DUCSU election was fair. But due to the inexperienced administration and its overenthusiasm have raised questions about the election. Those who were in charge of the election management could have avoided doing such things. This did not help Awami League or BCL. Rather it has caused damage.

According to sources in Awami League, Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina herself expressed dissatisfaction with such attitude of the teachers. She believes that the teachers have failed to manage the election the way they should have.

Not only Awami League but also many teachers and former Vice-Chancellors of the university, who are pro-Awami League, believe that the inexperienced and overenthusiastic behavior of the university authorities made the election questionable and damaged the image of the teachers.

Former Vice-Chancellor of Dhaka University Abul Kalam Azad Chowdhury said that if the teachers of the university had conducted the election fairly like the university guardians, the results of the election would not be controversial.

Teachers could also save their image. But, in the manner the university administration conducted the election, the image of the teachers is now at stake.

The honesty and ethics of the teachers are now questionable to the students. He believes that this will create tension in the Dhaka University`s student-teacher relationship. The respect and faith in the teachers will be lost.

Another former vice-chancellor of Dhaka University AAMS Arefin Siddique said that the university administration could not properly conduct the election. He was disappointed with what the administration did.

Through this, a great distrust has been created among the students about teachers. The price of this will be paid in the future. He said that the teachers are the actual guardians of the students in the university. If the students express no-confidence in their guardians, then the university will be difficult to manage in the future.

Many Awami League leaders believe that most of them who were affiliated with the election management were from the blue panel.

They started a mission to ensure victory for BCL by any means, which was inappropriate. The atmosphere and the position of BCL in the campus were enough for BCL to win in the election. But due to the blind support of the teachers, this election became controversial and questionable, and it has put the government in front of a new challenge.

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