Mushfiq was afraid

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It is not unusual for the visitors to go into the cricket field. Pagal fans sit unconsciously with their hopes of touching the favorite star. But Mushfiqur Rahim in international cricket, this situation seems to be the first time to read.

The Test of Sylhet International Cricket Stadium has been played today. Zimbabwe is batting first, winning the toss in the first Test of the series, Mushfiq, who is officiating as the wicketkeeper of the Tiger team,

The 48th over of the innings Approximately 8-9 years old, a boy suddenly came into the field to scavenge the eyes of the security guard. Mushfiq was caught in the ropes and caught Mohammed Mushfiq did not understand anything at first, and later understood that this is no other, crazy fans.

Mushfiq was caught in the chest when he was initially struck by the incident, but Mushfiq embraced the baby feather in his chest. The security guard wanted to catch him, but the wicketkeeper did not allow it to be done first, and understood that the child was sent out of the field and sent him out of the field.

Mushfiq’s teammates were having a lot of fun watching such tricks. At the end of the day’s play Abu Zayed Rahiir, who became the representative of the team, had to answer the question about this incident. Rahi said that Mushfiq had become frightened at first or later, but Mushfiq was afraid.

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