Neymar-Cavani has not seen any problem in Mbaape

:: Peoples Time Online ::

The trouble between the two people was at the beginning of last season. Recently there was a fear of a problem in the fight against Edison Cavani and Neymar in the face of a national team. But there will be nothing to do with this, because of their belief that their teammate Kylian Mbpe in the PSG.

On Friday, in a friendly match at the Emirates Stadium in London, Brazil defeated Uruguay by Neymar’s only goal in the 76th minute of the penalties.

On the left side of the match, PSG has been frightening the fear of protecting Neymar, at one stage fawl yellow cards were seen. Two of the two were involved in this incident. At the end, Uruguay striker helped Brazil captain to stand up.

Many think that there may be problems between the two after returning to Paris due to this incident. But Emba’s firm belief that there will be no problem. He also has fun with Neymar.

“Cavani is a great player. She is important for PSG. Whatever has happened with Neymar … I sent a message with Neymar to WhatsApp in the video. She laughs. So nothing has happened. ”

“They were representing their country. And they were right about doing so. Both of them gave their best. ”

“There will be no problem in PSG. Still they will embrace each other and make goals together. So there is no problem. “

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