Nisho does business in underwear

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After a drama-telecasting, the small screen watchers are capturing the mind of this time popular actor Afran Nisho He is seen in different roles. She has recently starred in a short film. Where he can be found as an underwear business.

This short film named ‘Bra-Ther’ has been created by Mabrur Rashid Bannah. Recently shooting of different locations in the city of Uttara has been completed. The story and story of the creator has created itself.

Bannaah said, here in front of Afran Nisso has played Samia Athari. Shahde Ali, Siam Nasir and others have also played this.

Mabur Rashid Bannah said, “Basically, the story of an underwear vendor’s life revolves around the story. It can be seen here that a boy, after completing his studies, did not get any job even after searching for his father and started his family business. But the business that he does is small in the eyes of the society. Because he does business in under-garments. He can not even introduce this business anywhere. She can not even say to her girlfriend. This starts with many problems. ‘

According to the source, it will be released on the next November 22nd in the iFilex.

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