Polls atmosphere ‘calm and peaceful’: Army chief

:: Peoples Time Online ::

Army chief General Aziz Ahmed has claimed the election environment in the country ahead of Sunday’s national election is very ‘calm and peaceful’.

“We haven’t seen such a calm and peaceful atmosphere in 47 years,” the General told reporters near Azimpur Government Girls School and College in the city a day before the 11th national election.

He said the incidents of violence are very few in number unlike in the past years. “The number of such incidents is very low this time.”

General Aziz said the army was reaching out to minorities and assuring them that they can exercise their franchise without any fear.

“We’ve seen from previous experiences that those who lose the election attack minorities. We’ll be very careful about it,” said the army chief.

He also said the Army, Police, BGB, Ansar and the civil administration will work as a team with a single goal to ensure a free and fair election.

The Army chief said they are giving people the confidence to go to the polling centers with increased army patrolling.

He further said he has already given necessary directives to increase army patrolling in bordering areas so that adequate security is ensured there.

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