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Prince Mahmud’s ‘Bangladesh’ song has spread on Facebook by a foreign artist. It is being speculated that a Korean artist has sang a song in a program at the University of Hansen in South Korea. James Artist of Bangladesh sang the song for the song ‘Piano’ by the lyrics and lyricist Prince Mahmood.

The foreign artist voiced his voice in his voice, Prince Mahmud surprised. He congratulated the artist for singing hard songs without seeing the lyrics. Today, on Thursday, the musician wrote on Facebook, “O foreign artist, love for you, love is full. You are mixed poisonous sweet poem. ‘

Prince Mahmud also expressed some anger as well as the excitement. He is unhappy with the release of his songs on YouTube without permission, he said. In the same post, he wrote, ‘Someone who is doing obnoxious things by uploading my most songs, including’ Bangladesh ‘, on my YouTube page, are they doing it to delete my name? For everyone to know, my album and song has been released in the name of ‘Prince Mahmud Sur.’ My composition of most of the songs I made in the tune is my writing. I did not allow anyone to upload this way.

In the first light Prince Mahmud said, ‘Those who do this, they lack awareness. Apart from this, many people do not want to reveal the names of others or give credit. ‘

What action will you take against anonymous uploaders? Prince Mahmud said, ‘I am preparing to take measures like I do. Do not tell the details right now. However, a small incident in 2001, I would like to say. Once there was a minor problem with this song. James Bro had said directly, “This song is not mine, Prince prays. I sang in exchange for honor. “The songs uploaded on YouTube are heard and seen millions of times. I have no objection to this. But there is definitely no hateful plot behind the song, which is not giving her name. ‘

In the decade of the last century, many songs written and composed by Prince Mahmud were superhit hits. People still listen to popular songs and artists sing those songs on stage. On the other hand, Bengali songs are very popular in Korea. Earlier, on the various platforms online, Korean youths were seen singing Bengali songs.

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