Protecting natural resources to ensure food security for Communities

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Communities and leaders of influence have unanimously called for protecting the natural resources to ensure food security of marginal population together with protecting the biodiversity from further degradation in the vast Barind tract.

They identically mentioned that adverse impact of climate change side by side with indiscriminate and exorbitant uses of chemical fertilizers and insecticides have been posing a serious threat to all the natural resources like water bodies, wildlife and birds.

So, all the government and non-government entities concerned should come forward and work together on an urgent basis.

They came up with the observation while addressing two separate human-chain meetings at Godagari and Tanore Upazila headquarters in the district yesterday afternoon.

Two non-government development organisations, Bangladesh Resource Centre for Indigenous Knowledge (BARCIK) and Barind Education Cultural Biodiversity Protection Centre (BECBPC), jointly arranged the programmes to mark the International Biodiversity Day- 2019. “Our Biodiversity, Our Food, Our Health” was the main theme of the day.

National Environment Award-winning farmer Yousuf Ali Mollah, Union Parishad Chairman Mujibur Rahman, BARCIK Regional Coordinator Shahidul Islam and its Programme Officer Zahid Ali, BECBPC President Zawad Ahmed Rafi, Ethnic Minority people leaders Malati Kisku, Pani Mardi and Sudhir Chandra Urao, among others, addressed the meetings.

Yousuf Ali said the drought-prone Barind area has been experiencing significant changes in environmental conditions over the last couple of years due to the effects of climate change. He added that the environmental change-related risk factors such as water scarcity and drought pose new challenges for the region, not only in terms of adapting to shrinking resources but also in terms of facing different types of social effects.

UP Chairman Mujibur Rahman stressed the need for protecting and preserving natural resources anyhow to have a better environment with bio-diversity for the sake of ensuring food security of all people.

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