RAB Director General Benazir Ahmed achieved the doctorate degree

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Director General of RAB Forces Mr. Benazir Ahmed BPM (BAR) achieved a Doctorate degree from Dhaka University. He achieved this degree for the title “Contribution of Bangladesh UN Peace Keeping Force to Our National Economy”.

Earlier, he obtained MA and LLB degree in English Literature from Dhaka University. Later, he achieved MBA degree.

He also studied at the Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies in Hawaii, USA, Charles start University, Canberra, Australia and World Bank Regional Training Center in Singapore. In 1988, Mr. Benazir Ahmed joined BKM (BAR) 7th (BCS) in the service of Assistant Police Super in the Police Cadre. Before the current responsibility, he served as Commissioner of Police for nearly four and a half years. Mr. Benazir was working for UN Peacekeeping missions multiple times.

He was awarded the IGP’s exemplary Good Service, UN peace keeping award three times. In addition, he was awarded the highest professional medal of Bangladesh Police Medal (BPM) (2011, 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2018) by the government for five times.

Recently he obtained the Doctor of Business Administration (WI) degree from the Banking and Insurance Department of Dhaka University and as the 1st student of DBA 1st Batch (Reg No.13 / 2014-2015) under the guidance of Professor Shibli Rubayet Ul Islam, Dean of Business Studies Faculty. His research was largely confined to the peacekeepers engaged in the United Nations Peacekeeping Force from Bangladesh Police Force. In his congratulatory efforts, he tried to bring the peace of the country in the national economy and peacekeeping missions, which played a role in positive change in the country’s police organization, with the experience of performing three decades.

On the second hand, the role of positive honesty has been reflected in the prevention of corruption due to personal honesty while performing jobs in peacekeeping forces by achieving economic security. The UN analyzes the impact of the role of the United Nations peacekeeping mission in the development of people’s ideas, economic security and institutional development on the quality of service. It also analyzed the correlation of corruption with personal integrity and economic security. Benefits of participating in UN peacekeeping missions are analyzed in both qualitative and quantitative aspects. Peacekeeping mission is considered as a profitable program for Bangladeshi soldiers and police members. He has presented his research paper mainly because he is able to purchase his land mainly by purchasing land and secondly by securing bank financial security.

He has expressed his gratitude to Professor Shibli Rubayet Ul Islam, Dean, Business Studies Faculty for his achievement in this long time. He also thanked all the other respected teachers of Bangladesh and RAB Forces colleagues of Bangladesh Police. He thanked his family members for all-round collaboration.

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