Rupali Guitar: A sculpture in memory of Ayub Bachchu

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The sculpture of a silver guitar in memory of famous singer Ayub Bachchu, situated at the Probortok Mor of Chattogram, is going to be inaugurated on September 18.

The Probortok Mor will also be named “Ayub Bachchu Square”.

Mayor AJM Nasiruddin will inaugurate the sculpture on Wednesday evening, a month before the death anniversary of Ayub Bachchu.

The 18-foot-high guitar, made of steel, has 6 strings. The sculpture was completed on August 8 and is situated in the city’s Probortok Mor.

On August 18 last year, initiatives were taken to enhance, beautify and modernize the four-lane road from Chittagong City Corporation’s Golpahar intersection and to Probortok Mor was undertaken.

Audios Inc. and Script teamed up to work on this beauty enhancement joint venture. According to the agreement, this silver guitar was made symbolizing Ayub Bachchu’s famous song Rupali Guitar (Silver Guitar).

The City Corporation authorities said: “We believe this initiative will make this a favorite for band musicians and band music lovers. Many people will come to this courtyard. Famous singer and guitarist Ayub Bachchu will be remembered by all those who visit this place.”

Ayub Bachchan fans are extremely excited about this silver guitar. They thanked Chittagong City Corporation for their respect for the artist.

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