Salman’s death threat

:: Peoples Time Online ::

There is no doubt that the number of fans of Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is increasing day by day. It is normal for fans to become crazy for their favorite stars. But this thing is totally different. One person called the employee of Salman’s phone to death.

It is known that Farooq Alias ​​Sheru, the person who requested the request to meet Salman several times before threatening him. Want to work with the actor. He was forced to take such steps without listening to him!

Police arrested Farooq Alias ​​Sheroo from northern Uttar Pradesh, police said.

Earlier, in January last year, threatened to kill Salman Khan publicly, the infamous gangster Lawrence Vishnai. Again, within the court. While presenting the case, Salman was seen threatening to die directly in the court room, and Lawrence Vishaye.

At that time, media reports said that Lawrence Bishnai had no relationship or hostility with Salman Khan. Not only for giving ‘education’ to Jodhpur police, he has threatened to kill Salman.

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