Shahrukh Khan broke all records in Bollywood

:: Peoples Time Online ::

In this era of social media, social media has played a great role in the promotion. For a time Rupali screen created only poster, but it has been changed to the needs of the times. Now the poster is not just the poster, as well as the picture summary created by the trailer.

And he also made the Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan a favorite with the trailer. Shahrukh Zero Movie Trailer, directed by Anandal Rai, has just been published 3 days ago. And in these 3 days, the biggest YouTube viewer’s record of any movie in the movie is trailer.

So far, the trailer has seen a total of 90 million views. The second place is in the second place, trailer of Thugs of Hindustan film starring Aamir Khan, who has been released by Bollywood superstar Perfectionist, and trailer with 80 million viewers in second place.

In such a short time so many viewers have told that there is no shortage of enthusiasm among Shahrukh Khan’s new film. Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif will be seen opposite Shah Rukh in the film. ‘Zero’ will be released on Rupali screen on December 21.

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