Air Canada forced businessman Showkat Aziz Russell to step down from plane

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Bangladeshi businessman Showkat Aziz Russell along with his family has been step down forcefully by Air Canada flight after calling the police. This incident happened when this family was moving from Toronto Canada to London. Shawkat Aziz Russell is the son of Abul Hashem, the head of the ‘Partex group’.

The whole incident was broadcast on Facebook Live on Sunday by Showkat Aziz Russell himself. Gulshan Club President Shawkat Aziz said in a post on Facebook, “Never travel in Air Canada. Basically my 8-year-old daughter’s seat was changed. Even though they issue boarding passes. I used to repeatedly telling them to change the child seat with his mother seat. I demand a chance to talk to the pilot. But they let us down from the flight without doing it. They did not even agree to explain their rules.”

From the Facebook Live talk, it is known that the Air Canada crew gets a hazard when Russell’s 8-year-old daughter was removed from her seat. Russell did not agree to it. At one point the girl says, “I wish Air Canada Blow. After that, Air Canada decided to drop them. At this time the crew is heard saying ‘it is a safety issue’.

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