‘Sheikh Hasina’s returns is blessings for country’-Ahmad Hossain

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Today is the founding anniversary day of Bangladesh Awami League. The party’s central organizing secretary Ahmad Hussain spoke about the long-awaited achievement led by the party during war of liberation. He was born at East Dala in Netrokona. He was the acting president of Bangladesh Chatra League when he was student of Dhaka University. Since 2009, he has been holding three consecutive terms as an organizing secretary of Awami League.

(Interviewed by the People’s Time Reporters)

Q: You have come central politics from student politics, which one do you like most?

Ahmad Hussain: When I was studying at Dhaka University I protested against the autocratic movement. But I feel lucky to be able to bring back Sheikh Hasina to the country.

Q: You can share with readers a horrible experience of your political life.

Ahmad Hossain: On 3 November 1980-81, we participated anti-Ershad hartal for doing picketing with the Topkhana Road to the secretariat then the police pressed the car on our procession on the way. A BCL leader named Selim Delwar was martyred. I thought I would be martyred.

Q: You can share with readers a joyful experience of your political life.

Ahmad Hossain: When I was speaking in a public meeting of Tungi Para During the duty of Dhaka district, suddenly the portrait of the nation’s father was flashed in my mind. Then I stopped. It seemed that Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was calling me up.

Q: What is the biggest achievement of Awami League in more than six decades?

Ahmad Hossain: The main achievement of Awami League is the trial of Bangabandhu killings and trial of war criminals.

Q: What is the biggest foreign achievement of Awami League for the country?

Ahmad Hossain: The victory of the sea boundary and the development of relations with each and every country of the world.

Q: What is your strategy to solve the internal conflicts of the party?

Ahmad Hossain: Sheikh Hasina is  our main guardian, for this reason we always follow the rules and regulation of her to solve any kinds of internal conflicts.

Question: If you get nomination in the next election, how you overcome all the problems in your area?

Ahmad Hossain: If I win in the election, I will strengthen the movement against terrorism, drug and anti-corruption campaign. To develop the crush roads we will draw the maximum attention of the concerned ministry. We will try our best to provide government services among the people.

Q: Which sectors(politics or family) do you give more time?

Ahmad Hossain: My wife is also active politician, so she understands my busyness. So I can spend more time in politics. I give time to central politics at midday and give time in local politics at eveing-night.

Thank you very much from the Daily People’s Time

Ahmad Hossain: Thank you too.

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