Tahsan Mehezabin’s shortflim

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Sanvi has migration to Australia with her parents seven years ago. He used to sing since childhood. He has a band. Sunny has recently arrived in Bangladesh for a few concert work.

On the other hand, Labanya is a private hospital nurse. The family of this middle-class family has mother and younger two brothers. Father had died a long time ago. A lot more responsible for her profession and family.

One day after completing the recording, Sunway made an accident on the way home. He was taken to the hospital. Sanvi was there with Labanya. Sunway hospital does not like to stay. She wants to stay in her home. Sunny asked Labanya to go home. The hospital authorities agreed to a lot and he agreed.

There is a time of good friendship with Sanvi. When Sanjeev was healthy, she offered her marriage to Labani, her cousin Babu. Labanya’s mother is happy to agree on marriage. Fame continues to be arranged in Labanya’s house. When Labanya Sanvi finished her work from home, she told her and her marriage to Babu. After leaving Labanya, Sanvi realized that she loved Labanya.

For such stories, the short film ‘Breath’ was created for Bioscope Originas. In this short film produced by the Alpha i Media Production banner, Tahsan has played the role of Sanvi, and Mehjabin Chowdhury is in the role of Labanya. This short film, produced by Mahmudur Rahman Himi and directed by Shahriar Shakeel, will be seen on November 17 at the online platform bioscope originals.

Meanwhile, a short film for this short film, Asif Iqbal Tahsan and Kana sang this song in the bunker banner. The song will be released on November 15, at 10pm on the channel of Gaanchil.

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