Tarique Rahman’s Hawa Bhaban Syndicate active in risky state’s mega project!

:: Utpal Das ::

Although being the influential member of BNP acting chairman Tarique Rahman’s Hawa Bhaban syndicate, Mozharul Haque and his son-in-law Badrul Karim have dominated the purchase of risky war equipments (warships, drones, radars) during the Awami League regime.

The Daily Vorer Pata confirmed the complaints. It has been learned from the findings that the companies named ‘M/s Fortune Enterprise’ and ‘M/s Asteron Enterprises’, as listed companies by the Purchase Department of Defense, have been doing business well for the last few years. Mojaharul Haque is the Proprietor and Managing Director of M/s Fortune Enterprise, and his son-in-law Badrul Karim, owns the M/s Astron Enterprises. The business addresses of the both organizations – Rupsa Tower, 9 / B, 7 Kamal Ataturk Avenue, Banani, Dhaka-1213. Mojharul Haque and Badrul Karim, the former MP of Khulna-2 constituency and the former President of Bangladesh Cricket Board, had developed friendship with the chief of Hawa Bhaban, acting chairman of BNP, the convicted person living in London, Tarique Rahman, through the former BNP’s governing body. Mojharul Haque came to Dhaka from Sonadanga in Khulna and named the contract business under the patronage of Ali Asghar Labi. Then he had admitted in the Tarique Rahman’s Hawa Bhaban syndicate.

Since then, the secret agent of BNP Mojharul Haque has been secretly continuing his work.  It is further learned that during the period of BNP-Jamaat alliance from 2001 to 2006, that company had one of the key partner of jet fuel scandal which was spread through various news. Because of the scandal, Bangladesh Biman and Civil Aviation Authority were in dire trouble. There is a deep relationship between Ali Asghar Lobby and Mohajarul Haq. It is to be noted that Captain Aziz (Rt:) who had served as the Chief of Naval Intelligence by the BNP-Jamaat government in 2001 to 2006, appointed Mojaharul Haq at his M / s Fortune Enterprise.

In the last ten years of the present patriotic Govt. and supporters of the Liberation War, Mojaharul Haque and his son-in-law Badrul Karim very cleverly, performed many state’s risky tasks. These include: 4 airplanes for the Navy, supplied from Roag of Germany, 1 radar supply for the air force from Selelex in Italy, 3 sound ranging equipment for the army, from Selelex of Italy, 1 radar for navy portable with shipping vessels, from Selelex in Italy.  In addition at present ‘M/s Fortune Enterprise’ and ‘M/s Astron Enterprises’, also involved in the development of various pesticides for the Navy and the Army. Among them, warships, drones, radars and C-4 are notable. Mosharul Haq did not receive the several phone calls from the reporter. But at noon to 3pm, a personal official of Mojharul Haq received the phone. When the repoter asked him about the news of Mozaherul Huq over his private Grameenphone operators, he said, “Sir is praying now.”

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