The Daily Vorer Pata in the 15th years of glory, overcoming all obstacles of evil power

:: Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan ::

Childhood memories recall me very often. I ask myself, who am I, from where? In the mechanisms, Instead of being mechanize monsters, I return to the great creator. Allah kept me well. What could I do for him? Think of such a basic question, have I become a human? I came to this world as the child of the middle-class family’s working father Kazi Abdul Mannan and mother Aziza Khatun. They gave me the knowledge. They have continued instructions necessary for me. It is not like that I don’t have a chance to see the sky touching a window. I often seek for Allah in the nature and use to hear the harmony of the truth and beauty in the every moment of life. When the mother sings without musical instrument, it seems that rare children have the opportunity to test such an occasion. The creator then said, move on Ertaza.

My family, one of the few who believe in the spirit of liberation war in Satkhira that is negatively called as a mini Pakistan in the independent sovereign Bangladesh. From the time of my childhood, I grew up with listening the story of The historic speech of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman from my mother. I have started from that. I have not seen Bangabandhu but grew up listening to his ideals, struggles, leadership, the very human ability to speak and abandoning. And I am overwhelming every time to know closely the daughter of Bangabandhu, the honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today. No one can go to such instances without the leadership qualities as like as her. She is the only meaningful representative of Bangladesh in the whole world. Very easily we can now ask proudly on foreign soil, do you know which country we came from? Sheikh Hasina is our leader. And then they also evaluate us. Seeing this devotional woman, I learned how to fight against the stream, to win the race. Sheikh Hasina is now an entity which may unite all Muslim communities of the whole world or the Muslim states together in an ideological place and there will be no surprise. As an ideal son of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, as a member of the family of believers in the spirit of the Liberation War, in this day of 2005 I have started within a very short space as the editor and publisher of the Daily Vhore Pata.

During BNP-Jamaat regime, I had to face a lot of obstacles as the spirited one of the liberation war. I have still struggled. Last year, after criticizing the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in the book ‘History of Bangladesh Bank’, I wrote a writ in the High Court.In this incident, the ghosts of Pakistan tries to harm my business, but I will not leave them if Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Sheikh Hasina insulted by anyone. If necessary, I am bound to take the risks of my life. As a part of South Western Media Group, Today is the birthday of the Daily Bhore Pata. The Daily Vorer Pata remains the same to me that I have started 15 years before. It was never a long time to me travelling through the years in this way.

It seems to me that, fifteen years ago, I started working from emotional space in the morning. The long time has passed as the flow of the river. Teardrops of my eyes, disappears me suddenly. I think, The Daily Vorer Pata is my another fine child like Jarzis. A long time has been passed; in these 15 years I have been able to get the support all of you and the inspiration of the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. I am grateful to the honorable advertisers and well wishers of ‘The Daily Vorer Pata’ as an editor as well as publisher. I expect your favor to stay with Vorer Pata in the future. For the patriotism, beholding the liberation war as well as uncompromising journalism, people will remember Vorer Pata after my death…and it’s my expectation. If the negative power causes harm to me, my only son Kazi Jarzis Bin Ertaza, will take the responsibility of The Daily Vorer Pata. There were many obstacles in this long period. But I never become disappointed and won’t be disappointed in the future. I firmly believe that ‘The Daily Vorer Pata’ will bring innovation with the excellence of mainstream journalism. In this case, you will support us. I pray to the Almighty Allah.

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