The opening of the ‘Magic Mirror’ with ‘The Javed Habib’

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International celebrity hair stylist, Bollywood fashion designer Javed Habib The author of Hair Styles, this man has radically changed the concept of hair fashion with its innovative power. The world’s biggest star has already set up 400 beauty salons in 92 cities of India.

In the next five years, as part of establishing 2500 salon worldwide they are going to start its activities in Bangladesh. Considering the demand of the growing fashion enthusiasts in the country, this brand has brought the beauty salon ‘magic mirror’ to Bangladesh. Beginning on the occasion, the elite beauty saloon ‘Magic Mirror’ started its journey in Dhaka.

As part of the opening ceremony, two-day hair cut festival was organized on 25th and 26th March. Special attention has been made only for the golden scent of hair styling at just TK. 199 / = Looking forward to seeing and listening to world famous celebrity Javed Habib, in front of the Magic Mirror Saloon of Eva Rose of Gulshan 2, a crowd of fashionable young women from Dhaka was noticed from the morning.

Eventually, after the end of all expectations, 11.30 am the popular model star Nabila announced the presence of Javed Habib. Fashion Star Javid Habib started cutting through the cake.

Javed Habib said in the opening ceremony, “It is undeniable that the beauty of the man is within him and the fashion itself exemplifies it. Hairstyle highlights the personality of a person, reveals the inner taste that is inside and reveals. As a result, the importance of global hair styling is increasing day by day. In addition to this, we have to face various problems including hair loss, decay and premature ejaculation due to our lifestyle, diet and weather. So hair styling, as well as the health of the hair, has become a major issue. In this era of globalization, in the fashion of Europe America, people are aware of the hair of the conscious people but how can they get this service? From this thought, ‘The Javed Habib’ wants to spread the concept of brand hair styling globally.”

Mr. Rakib Ahmed, proprietor of ‘Magic Mirror’ was also present in the inauguration ceremony. He said that the idea of ​​establishing a beauty salon was not on our minds or merely because of business. There is a lack of respectable saloons compared to the growing demand of Bangladeshi fashionists. Magic Mirror will work relentlessly to fill this gap.

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