The ‘young seats’ reservation reserved in the parliament

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The organization, Indigenous People’s Development Services (IPDS), has demanded to hold the reserved seats to ensure the representation of youth in the parliament. The organization of young people of small ethnic groups, giving examples of Uganda, Sri Lanka and Australia, demanded to include young people in the process of political decision making in Bangladesh.

These talks were held at a day-long meeting organized at the CBCB Center, Mohammadpur in the capital on Tuesday. Non-government organization ActionAid was involved in organizing this event.

In the first phase of the ceremony, 10 organizations have been asked to mention the political parties’ manifestation on behalf of the organization on the eleventh parliamentary elections. These are: To ensure participation of young people of political decision-making in the process of decision making, empowering youth organizations through financial and technical cooperation, preserving young quota in political parties, holding representation in representative activities, 5% minority quota in government jobs Reservation, self-control in the constitution, the land , Culture and identity recognition, full implementation of the CHT Peace Accord road map, plain separate ministry for the development of indigenous peoples and the right to legislate minor races.

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