BNP team isn’t safe at Tarique Zia’s hands

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The situation is now out of control in BNP. Its leaders do not even know what direction it is heading towards. All directions are coming from London. Some decisions taken in the morning are changed at night.

After the December 30 election, BNP`s politics is limited to only words.

BNP acting chairman Tarique Zia, who is absconding in London, is responsible for the situation. BNP`s top local leaders said BNP on the verge of destruction due to the wrong decisions made by Tarique Zia.

He does not consider the interests of the party, he only sees his own profits and losses.

A senior BNP leader said, ‘If the party runs like this, people will start leaving the party en masse.’

Sources in BNP said although Fakhrul is blamed for taking wrong decisions after the election, all decisions have come from London. At first it was decided that BNP would not go to the polls without the release of Begum Zia.

Then the decision was changed and it said, BNP would go to the polls for the release of Begum Zia. However, before the election, it was seen that the candidates began to move away one by one.

By the afternoon, 137 candidates of BNP withdrew from the election. The BNP secretary-general said, `There was no decision from the party to step down from the election, those who have stepped down, made their personal decisions.`

But those who stepped down said that they did so because their `Bhaiya` (Tarique) said so.

BNP leaders are now upset with Tarique.BNP leaders are now thinking about leaving Tarique outside the party and run it by themselves. They said, `BNP is not safe at Tarique`s hands.`

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