Today The People’s Time Editor’s Birthday

Whole life cry for you

“August month is the month of mourning for Bangali people. On August 15, Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was murdered with the involvement of some anti-liberation Jamaat, General Zia and some traitor army officers. The person who believed in Bengali Natioality, dreamed of own land, economic release of Bengali people. Within three years of independence his whole family had to be killed in Bengal. Which is not only for me, but also a scandalous chapter for the whole of Bengalis. Besides, on 21 August grenade attack was made to kill Bangabandhu’s daughter, the creator of modern Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina, the 3 times Prime Minister of Bangladesh, and the Awami League president. Mujib-Sena, along with other saved her life but 24 including Ivy Rahman were killed and 50 were injured. I was born in August but I have no interest to this day. The child who get freedom and land just after its birth how one can forget him, the dream of the Bengalis that surrounded with the great person. I have been crying since my birth. Cry Bangali cry. Not only birthday, but also I will be crying my whole life.”

Today is the birthday of the Daily ‘Vorer Pata’and ‘the People’s Time’ editor and publisher Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan. When the family of ‘Vorer Pata’ took initiative to celebrate his birthday with cake and flowers at 12.01 am, Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan expressed his inability to celebrate his birthday and said the above words. He also said, “Father of the lost child is mournfully mourned in August, sadly painful. So in August, there will be no occasion for my birthday. Dad gave birth to me. I am grateful to him. But the person who gave me 56,000 square miles of land, where I grew up. It is not easy to celebrate birthday for me on this month. Those who are not responsible for the country and the soil they can celebrate”. Kazi Ertaza Hassan mentions as the reason, “Although my birthday in August, this month is month of mourning. This tragic mourning memorial of August and respects honor of the dead. Kazi Ertaza Hasan did not agree to celebrate his birthday.

The creative the daily ‘Vorer Pata’ editor Kazi Ertaza Hassan was born on this day in the famous Kazi family of Kazipara, Sultanpur, Satkhira. Her father Kazi Abdul Mannan and mother Mrs. Aziza Mannan. At his young age he estrablish the daily ‘Vorer Pata’ ‘People’s Time’ ‘Ortho Pata’ and Travels Automobile and Housing, Jed Entertainment Li. (Proposed TV channel), Bangla Radio Ltd. Fearless journalist-human rights activist Kazi Ertaza Hassan has been honored with numerous awards including Bangabandhu Memorial Award, Sheikh Russell Award, Mahatma Gandhi Award, Shahid Freedom Fighters Memorial Award, Atish Dipankar Gold Medal, Mother Teresa Gold Medal, Nelson Mandela Award and Maulana Bhashani Memorial Award for the contribution of newspaper industry, free journalism and human rights development. On the birthday of this person, the family of the dawn leaves his healthy, long, colorful and working life.

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