Women : The Power of Phoenix


:: Sumaiya Tasnim ::

Not a very short time ago have women established their role as the phoenix in our society. It took the world quite a long time to recognize the power that has been bestowed upon each and every living soul of a woman. You may bury a girl child alive, you may burn her face to ruin her, you may molest her out of pure nasty fetish, you may attack her again and again just to show your power but they will rise from the ashes that you thought you could destroy.

In this 21st century despite of all the wrongs that STILL has been luring upon our society women have taken initiatives that not only show their talent to the whole world, it also makes the world we live in a better place to be in. We have all heard about the platform, “Leaping Boundaries”. This platform itself is one of the most dynamic example we can set so far. It enables the Madrasha female students to access education, technology, art and help them to break through the barriers that hold their potentials within. Watching this organization break down the stereotype gives us nothing but hope. Of course, this is just a part of what women have to offer. “Musings of a Wildflower” is the talk of the town. Now this page run by a young artist Humaira Shams is what you have to search on Facebook because it is absolutely breathtaking to run your eyes by. Not only that but “Made with Love” is also another page where they are sharing their art through a business. A mere possibility for the art lovers to hold onto the art they cherish. The details will make you wonder how much potential a human soul must need to have to draw what this artist does. I almost forgot to mention, did you see how Bangladesh beat Chinese Taipei 4-2 to seal a place in the AFC-16 Women’s Championship finals? Amazing. Let it be education, community service or art, women are moving towards development faster than ever. Education system has been very complicated these past few years with the drastic change of systems but each year the female students fight their way through “the struggle”. While many individuals try to hold them down, women know how to not stay within the four walls which has been captivating them for so long. Acid Attack Survivor Reshma Qureshi walked the NYFW Runway like a queen. Seeing her walk so gracefully down the ramp only teaches us a lesson that our past does not captivate us and the people who wanted to limit our success can never be the reason for our downfall.

There are many controversial discussions made as to why women get more priorities than men. Well, they don’t. We might think that way but having a few fixed seats on the bus is not actually a “priority”, it is rather a necessity. Think about it. If men and women work hand in hand and equally on every single sector, think about what our nation could become. Think about how many educated children we can get. Think about how much advancement we could contribute. Being conscious and proud of one’s gender does not make one a misogynist. There is no pleasure in it. Sad but true, even in this era women have been chained down especially in the job sector. Mrs. AM (just the initials) still question the authority as to why her colleague got a promotion whereas she clearly deserved that position. But that does not stop her. She still works for that very company out of pure loyalty. The world is career-oriented they say. Then, why are we STILL backing women out? We are fighting though. We are running with time. Because doing something for an end result makes it harder to accomplish. Women are going against the flow but they are swimming because the end result is just an accomplishment. It is the journey that will be written in history.

It is not the thought that matters anymore for women all around the world. It is the action and the action only. Thoughts do not reveal anything. Empathy speeches, donations, talk shows will not help us anymore. Society and media love to thrust limitations on us but they only become true if we accept them. The past will not define us anymore. The stereotypes can burn our skin but not our soul. We are not only individuals who look cute in aprons. We are not girls you can yell at for having a boy as a best friend. We are not wives you can stop from hiring a babysitter. Women are the grace you seek in nature. We are the present. We are the moment. We are what you call a Phoenix.

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Sumaiya Tasnim