YES Alumni Bangladesh Organizes 3.5bn Reasons

:: Sumaiya Tasnim::

In this world we live in, neither time nor does reality wait for us to finish the race. It competes with one another and we mere human souls have fallen between these two competitors. Within the basic rights that fulfill our demands to improve, somehow education has become the most important element that relates to achieve every other element such as shelter, food and whatnot. And when the race between reality and time was not good enough there is race between gender equality as well which also includes individuals who try to stop women from winning. YES Alumni Bangladesh is an organization that helps to give these women a heads up to win the race. Not only that YES ALUMNI believes in educating the women residing in the rural areas and assuring the society that they can stand up as a leading individual too. This organization is promoting a workshop called the “3.5 Billion Reasons” where young women are given the opportunity for a leadership training to address the urgency of studying for higher education. Mohammad Muntasir Islam is the project coordinator of this workshop. One consolidated summit for the urban and the rural students will be conducted. In this workshop, 18 students from outside of Dhaka will be brought in by the grant allowance to participants and paired up in teams of 3 with one of them being a mentor totally a participation of 27 members. This summit will be run by both YES Alumni members and trained professionals in related fields. The mentors will be young women who are pursuing higher education (given that they would be able to mentor these girls better than school girls) – not limited to YES alumni only but also external affiliates of YES alumni Bangladesh. Each mentor will be put in ‘trios’ with two participants (randomized) and will form a work-group. These mentors will continue to mentor the other two participants in her cluster for a period of three months at least. Within two weeks of the workshop, the participants will have to formulate a project targeting a social problem, which prevents women of their respective areas, and implement it in their respective hometown. From these projects, documentaries, photos and assorted crafts will be put up in the exhibition which will be held around December or January. The goal of this workshop is to enhance the participant’s leadership skills, to learn and enhance the democratic principles in problem solving. Moreover they believe in growing the interest in participating and organizing the community projects and helping them to broaden the interest of achieving higher education around the local areas as much as possible. . “I feel like that this workshop was much needed in terms of development of our country, women empowerment and educating our citizens” says the young activities director MobashirMonim. We can for once say that women are breaking off from the four walls that they were constricted with. Promoting a healthy and independent society is both the responsibility of men and women. So why not give women the chance to prove their eligibility in this competitive society and increase the values and social development of the country. YES ALUMNI BANGLADESH is that organization that is helping women recognize their place in the society and how much more they have yet to achieve.

ent-Writer is a women’s right activist