Under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina, the country became developed: Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan

:: Asadullah Masum, Kapasia (Gazipur) Representative ::

In the speech of the two-day annual sports and cultural events of Taraganj HN High School and College of Kapasia in Gazipur, FBCCI director and the editor of Bhoreparpatra Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan said this. Presided over by the president of the school and Deputy Press Secretary of the Prime Minister Ashraful Alam Khokan, the chief guest was BARVIDA President and FBCCI director Habibullah Dawn, FBCCI Director and the Editor of Bhorepatha Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan was the special guest.

Former president of Upazila Awami League Freedom Fighter Ajgar Rashid Khan, Upazila Parishad Chairman Freedom Fighter Alhaj Khandaker Azizur Rahman Perra, former Additional Secretary Ayubur Rahman Khan, former additional secretary Freedom Fighter Khandaker Md. Nuruzzaman and Chairman of Upazila Parishad Khandaker Azizur Rahman Perra also were at present there.

Chief guest Habibullah Dawn said that as well as education, you have to be attentive towards physical exercise. If the body and mind are not good then you will not be able to study. Education is the backbone of the nation. The country which is more educated is more advanced. Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan said that the love for the motherland is the part of the Iman. The person who does not have love for the country, his Iman will not be fulfilled. I have never seen such a beautiful show in remote areas.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been working continuously to bring home the light of education. The country under his leadership has been developed today. Later, FBCCI director and the editor of Bhorparpatna Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan presented the key of a bus to the Principal Md. Hafizur Rahman as the transport for the students.

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