US sanctions didn’t affect Iran’s economy: Rouhani

:: Peoples Time Online ::

President Hassan Rouhani has commented that no effect on the sanctions imposed by the United States last week was in Iran’s economy. He made this comment in a speech on Saturday. His speech was publicized on Iranian state television, according to Qatar-based media al Jazeera.

Hassan Rouhani said that the United States declared sanctions on Iran last week, in reality, it has long ago imposed it. There is no new weapon for us to apply against us.
Earlier, on Monday, Iran’s finance minister said in a meeting with the officials of the government that Iran will not accept US sanctions. We will break the US government’s imposed sanctions with friends states.

He also said that we will have to break this ban very well and we will do it. With the help of the people, we will explain to the Americans that they must not speak with Iranians in terms of strength, pressure and threats.
It is to be noted that in May last month, Trump 6 declared the country’s oil sale to be depleted after the Iranians signed a nuclear deal with Iran. But without giving importance to this announcement, many countries have informed about the decision to continue buying oil from Iran.

Last month, the trump administration implemented Iran’s oil and banking sector with a second step ban. But eight countries, including South Korea, Japan and Italy, have been allowed to buy oil from Iran.

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