What Google CEO Sundar Pichai eats for breakfast

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Google CEO Sundar Pichai was recently handed the reins of Google’s parent company Alphabet, after founders Sergrey Brin and Larry Page stepped down from their posts. The India-born, IIT-Madras and Stanford University-educated CEO joined Google in 2004 and has risen in the ranks to become the CEO of the search engine giant. It is said that breakfast is the most-important meal of the day. So what does the Google and Alphabet CEO eat for breakfast to prepare himself for the day?

The Google and Alphabet CEO, in an earlier interview with tech news website Recode, revealed about his morning routine and what he has for breakfast. Sundar Pichai is a vegetarian and very particular about his tea (English). And since he is a vegetarian, he includes eggs in his breakfast. “I need to get my proteins so I always have an omelette in the morning (sic)”, he said in the interview. So, tea, an omelette and what else? The third item is toast and these three, together with his morning paper, make for his breakfast and morning routine.

He reportedly wakes up at around 6.30 or 7 in the morning and still stresses on the fact that he is not a morning person. He needs his morning paper and breakfast to get him ready for the day. When asked about whether he takes time out for exercise, he said that as much as he would like to exercise in the morning, he is able to devote some time to that in the evening only.

So what does he read the first thing in the morning? Pichai reads the Wall Street Journal every single morning and that too a physical copy. Call him oldfashioned in this way as many in the younger generation use the internet as their sole source for news. Does reading a physical newspaper instead of a digital one benefits one? As per some reports, yes. Some scientific reports have said that reading from a physical source helps retain information longer when compared to reading a digital copy of the same. Besides the Wall Street Journal, his other news sources are The New York Times (online).

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