Why the world’s eye at this airport in Turkey?

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The world’s largest airport is now in Turkey’s capital city Istanbul. In the presence of the ministers and special guests of different countries, the country’s President, Recht Taip Erdouan Airport, was inaugurated on Monday.

Turkey’s Istanbul city is used as a transit airport. The number of passengers is increasing day by day. The first step to build this huge new airport in Istanbul is more than $ 51 billion. The 7,300 hectare-wide airport is now the world’s largest airport.

It is known that two runways and a terminal will be launched, which will allow nine million passengers to travel a year. A major air traffic control tower, a cargo house will also be opened with it. One of the two runways running 4.1 km and the other 3.75 kilometers long. In this section, 347 aircraft will be able to accommodate.

By 2023 the work of this airport will be completely finished. It will be added to the airport by then six more runways. 500 planes will be able to stay at this airport together and can use this airport 200 million passengers annually. At the same time, it will also become the largest tax free shopping complex in the world, which will be 53 thousand square meters.

The first flight to Ankara from this airport has already been flying. The first flight to international routes from Istanbul to Cyprus. At the end of this year, this new airport will be able to fly to 350 destinations.

Making this huge airport in Istanbul such as Turkey is a matter of great pride. Within a few months, instead of Ataturk, Istanbul’s main airport, passengers can reach the world’s destinations through this airport. The Turkish government thinks it will not take much time to get the major flights from Ataturk Airport to the airport.

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