Woman shopkeeper beaten up by JU BCL man

:: JU Correspondent ::

An activist of Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) Jahangirnagar University (JU) unit has been accused of beating a female shopkeeper for asking for due money on the campus today.

The name of the activist of BCL is Sayed Layeb Ali, a student of philosophy department (43th Batch) and resident student of Mir Mosharraf Hossain Hall. The victim’s name is Bibi Ayesha Khatun (35).

The incident took place at a shop adjacent to the university’s Mir Mosharraf Hossain Hall on Saturday noon.

Witnesses said that at around noon, Chhatra League activist Layeb Ali went to the woman’s shop and took some biscuits. In the meantime, the woman shopkeeper requested him to pay the due money. Then Layeb Ali got angry and started to abuse the woman in filthy languages. On forbidding the abuse, Ayesha Khatun was stroked by a piece of bamboo lying beside the shop. Then Layeb Ali threatened Ayesha Khatun to close the shop.

In this regard, Ayesha Khatun said, “Because of the asking for payment due money, Layeb beat me with a stick of bamboo. Then Rabiul Bhai (Chhatra League leader) came and paid the money. Later, he (Rabiul) told me that there is no need to shop in front of boys’ hall.

Layeb Ali said, ‘ the shopkeeper didn’t get any due from me. Yet he demanded money from me. I asked him to show the written documents of the due money. He could not show the account. So I rebuked and said to honor the students. But I did not beat him.

General Secretary of BCL JU unit S. M. Abu Sufian Chanchal said, “Layeb telephoned me and informed that there was not happened any incident of violence. A conversation had been happened with the woman. Later the woman was injured by a part of bamboo when she was closing the shop.”

Provost of Mir Mosharraf Hossain Hall, Shafi Mohammad Tareq said, ‘I heard the incident. Hall officials went there. Proper action will be taken according to the current law of the university after investigation.”

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