Zimbabwe win after 17 years

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Zimbabwe made a remarkable win in Sylhet Test In the first match of the two-match series, Bangladesh lost one and a half days ago and by a huge margin of 151, tourists have lost.

After 17 years, Zimbabwe got the first taste of the first win on foreign soil. The victory of the Chittagong Port in the 2001 tour of Bangladesh was his last Test win in the foreign field.

And after five years, Zimbabwe won the Test after five years. Last year, the Rhodesians gave bitter taste to Pakistan’s defeat in the homegrand in 2013. In that group were Andy Flower, Grant Flower, Alistair Campbell, Heir Stricken’s Mahirourah.

The middle of it was a thunderstorm for the country’s cricket. Star cricketer went out of the game due to unstable politics. Zimbabwe has kept itself exile from Test cricket for five years.

The team is trying to return to the elite level of cricket again. Lalchand Rajput’s disciples are continuing their efforts. They gave up the proof by blowing up Bangladesh.

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