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BNP has given 31 crore taka to three US Firms
Utpal Das
Published : Tuesday, 1 February, 2022 at 10:40 PM, Count : 2647

BNP has given 31 crore taka to three US Firms

BNP has given 31 crore taka to three US Firms

The BNP is a political party that terrorizes its workers with false hopes. However, the team did not spend a single penny on the workers even during the epidemic Corona. But at this time foreign lobbyists have given crores of rupees for anti-Bangladesh campaign. The information came after a copy of Mirza Fakhrul's contract with the American lobbyist firm 'Akin Gamp' was leaked. As a result, the issue of money laundering and anti-national activities of BNP has also come to the fore.

After that, the income and expenditure account submitted by the BNP to the Election Commission as per the rules was monitored. It can be seen that the total income of BNP from 2011 to 2020 is 34 crore 66 lakh 69 thousand 299 rupees. And at the same time the total expenditure of the party is 28 crore 42 lakh 2 thousand 682 taka. Grants, sale of election forms, initial membership fee are shown as sources of income. Also shown as expenditure sector is salary-bonus of employees, election expenses, national conference, purchase of assets etc. Even during the Corona period, the party did not allocate a single penny for their staff. That is why the government has helped the helpless BNP leaders and activists by forgetting the party division and giving humanitarian reasons.

Meanwhile, after reviewing the entire audit report of the BNP, it is seen that there is no mention of the expenditure behind the recruitment of lobbyists as income and expenditure of the last 10 years. However, after the recent leak of lobbyist information, which party secretary  Mirza Fakhrul admitted in a public press conference, according to that information, the BNP has paid Tk 31 crore 28 lakh to three American lobbyist firms as per the agreement for anti-national campaign. There is no trace of how that money went abroad, from which fund.
According to Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB), if there is no audit account of this money, then of course the money has been smuggled by hundi. TIB further thinks that a government can hire a lobbyist firm for its country's branding. That is through a government process. It is recognized all over the world. But no political party can appoint a lobbyist against its own country in another country. This is a criminal offense. Treason That is why they are forced to stand trial.

BNP's secret agreements with 3 leaked foreign firms show that on February 20, 2015, BNP signed an agreement with US lobby firm 'Akin Gump' as a political party (18 VIP Road, Naya Paltan). The party's secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir signed on the party pad. Until April 2017 , the registration number of this agreement is 3492. It shows that in 2017 , the BNP lobbyist firm 'Akin Gump' paid 3 crore 40 lakh rupees, in 2016 it paid 10 crore 20 lakh rupees, in 2015 it paid 8 crore 50 lakh rupees. In all, the BNP paid 22 crore 10 lakh rupees in 3 years in Bangladeshi rupees.

In addition, in August 2018, the BNP signed an agreement with two US lobbyist firms named 'Ruski Partners' and 'Blue Star' till May 2020. Whose registration numbers are 6586 and 6587 respectively. Their fee is 9 crore 19 lakh taka in Bangladeshi currency. The BNP paid a total of Tk 31 crore 27 lakh to three lobbyist firms for their anti-national propaganda. But there is no money account anywhere.
Reviewing the audit report submitted by the Election Commission, it is seen that the BNP has given much more money to only 3 American lobbyist firms to take a stand against Bangladesh than it has spent for all the activities in the country in a decade. There is no valid source of money transactions anywhere. After this illegal transaction and agreement was leaked for anti-national propaganda, the BNP high command has no way to deny it. So they are trying to get away with it.

The BNP's audit report submitted to the Election Commission, which came in the morning, has revealed that the BNP has spent Tk 31 crore on hiring lobbyists. However, BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said one person had appointed a lobbyist to restore democracy in the country. It has been done for the people of this country. Democracy in the country has now come to a standstill. So lobbyists have been recruited abroad without finding any way.

Meanwhile, Awami League presidium member Abdur Rahman said the BNP has always been involved in conspiracy politics. If there is no democracy in Bangladesh then justice will be given to the people of the country. But the people of this country have rejected them. So they are now investing behind the lobbyists. There will be no benefit in doing at all.

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