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Detergent-antibiotics found in milk
Deshsangbad, Dhaka
Published : Tuesday, 25 June, 2019 at 11:41 PM, Update: 28.06.2019 11:55:23 PM, Count : 7429

Detergent-antibiotics found in milk

Detergent-antibiotics found in milk

Researchers have found traces of detergent and antibiotics in pasteurized milk produced by five companies. The companies are: Pran, Milk Vita, Igloo, Aarong, and Farm Fresh, reports UNB.

"We tested pasteurized and non-pasteurized raw milk produced by these companies, and found detergent and antibiotics in them," Prof ABM Faruque, director of Biomedical Research Centre, said at a press conference at Dhaka University, on Tuesday.

Dhaka University's Pharmacy Faculty and Biomedical Research Centre jointly conducted the tests.

Traces of antibiotics were also found in the samples.

"The traces of antibiotics that we found were meant for human consumption," Faruque said. "Antibiotics for humans and animals are totally different."

He added: "We need to stop the use of antibiotics meant for humans on animals, because it might have fatal consequences when humans consume them through animals."


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