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Titu Rahman, Najmus Saquib booked in Rangpur
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Titu Rahman, Najmus Saquib booked in Rangpur

Titu Rahman, Najmus Saquib booked in Rangpur

A case has been filed against Mostafizur Rahman alias Tito Rahman and Nazmus Saquib for their involvement in spreading rumours and fabricated information on various online platforms, including social media.

Staying abroad, Titu Rahman and Nazmus Saquib are engaged in unbridled spread of misleading and fabricated information against Bangladesh, government high-ups,  and esteemed business personalities for a long time through so-called Nagorik TV.

Nazmus Saquib left the country after a rape case against him with Sabujbagh Police Station for violating a child brutally, and the victim has become speech impaired permanently.

Tushar Kanti Mondal, former General Secretary of Rangpur Metropolitan Awami League, filed the case as a complainant in the Rangpur Cyber Tribunal Court on Sunday.

Co-accused in the case are Ibrahim Ali and Anis Mia while eight to 10 people have been implicated unnamed.

Accused Tito Rahman, son of the late Matiur Rahman of the capital's Jigatola area, resides in Canada. He introduced himself as the chief executive officer of a YouTube channel named Nagarik TV.
Najmus Saquib is the son of Jalilur Azam of Sabujbagh area. Being an expatriate in the United States, he introduced himself as the message editor of Nagarik TV.

Considering the case's merit, the judge, Dr Abdul Mazid, ordered the Rangpur Superintendent of Police (CID) to investigate it.

Shammi Akhtar, Azgar Ali, Aminul Islam, and Ahsan Habib Jewel appeared for the complainant while Ruhul Amin Talukder for the state.

According to case dossier, the accused persons are engaged in unbridled spread of rumours, offensive, ugly, false, fabricated, misleading and anti-state information against Bangabandhu's daughter Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her son Sajib Wazed Joy using various social media and online platforms, including YouTube.

Not just the Prime Minister and her family; the accused are also spreading misleading and false information against her relatives, various senior leaders of Awami League, and various party organs. They constantly spread rumours, even about the country's top business personalities.

Former General Secretary of Rangpur Metropolitan Awami League, Tushar Kanti Mondal, the complainant, said “A case has been filed against four people for creating militancy and damaging the image of the country by insulting the honourable Prime Minister and her family. I want them to be arrested and brought to justice as soon as possible.”

However, if not arrested, he threatened to give a big programme.

“I respect the court which has considered the case's merit. A YouTuber has made various talk-shows against the Hon'ble Prime Minister. This case has been filed in connection with damaging the country's image. I demand closure of these unauthorised online channels trying to destabilise the country by making false accusations,' Tushar Kanti Mondal added.

Sheikh Asif Hossain, general secretary of Rangpur city Chhatra League, filed another case with the same court over similar allegations. The court has taken cognizance of the case pending hearing.

After being charged with various crimes, including rape and fraud, Mostafizur Rahman alias Tito Rahman and Nazmus Saquib left the country. Later, they got involved in the anti-nation conspiracy. They started online spread of rumours against the state, Bangabandhu, the Prime Minister and other important people of the country.

Tito Rahman's entire family harbours an anti-liberation stand. His grandfather was a 71-year-old assassin; his father was a swindler. And Mostafizur Rahman has been aligned closely with people related to BNP-Jamaat since childhood. Apart from political identity, Mostafizur Rahman was known as a drug addict and oppressor of women in Dinajpur. Mostafizur Rahman was punished for eve-teasing. And lastly, while studying at Dinajpur University College, a student accused him of committing rape.

Meanwhile, Nazmus Saquib was accused of raping a five-year-old child in Sabujbagh area of the capital in 2011. A case was lodged against him with Sabujbagh Police Station.

According to the case statement, the child lived with her family in a hut at 28 Mayakanan of the Sabujbagh area in Basabo. The victim's father used to drive a rental CNG-run auto bike. On the day, Nazmus Saquib, a drug addict, lured the small child with chocolates to take to his home at 28 Mayakanan. Then he took her to the roof and raped her several times. At one stage, Nazmus Shaquib left the child in the garage on the ground floor when excessive bleeding started. Bachchu Mia, the house's caretaker, came forward after hearing the child's cry. Seeing the pathetic condition of the child, the local people gathered around the house. Later, the child described the whole brutal incident. Afterwards, the victim

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