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JnU new cafeteria stucks in blueprint
Pranta Das Gupta, JnU
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JnU new cafeteria stucks in blueprint

JnU new cafeteria stucks in blueprint

Jagannath University has been grappling with the canteen issue for a long time. JnU currently operates with just a single cafeteria to serve its nearly 18,000 students. With only one cafeteria in operation, students often find themselves struggling to secure a meal even before the scheduled meal time. As a result, the students are compelled to take meals from nearby hotels. 

To provide meals to the university students, there was a food stall near the university Social Science faculty. It has been three years since the stall was broken down. Students from all the faculties and institutes are very much dependent on the single cafeteria for breakfast and lunch. Besides, the students have questions regarding the food quality  of the cafeteria.

Regarding the canteen issue, the authority passed a plan to establish a modern cafeteria near the second gate of the university. Though the design is completed, the work regarding establish delays.

The selected place for the new cafeteria is now a dumpsite. Everyone threw waste materials into that place. It seems the authority is not concerned about that. 

A JnU student, expressed his disappointment about the limited food in the cafeteria. He said, "As a new batch has entered into the university, the limitations of food have increased more than before. Food limitation has to be brought under control soon. The proposed cafeteria should be established as early as possible."

The university Chief Engineer Helal Uddin Patwary said, "A blueprint for a new cafeteria has already been made. We have done a meeting regarding that and in the next meeting we will finalize the budgeting and submit it to the Treasury department. If the Treasury department passes the project, work will start."

The Director of Student Welfare, Prof. Dr. Md. Ainul Islam said, "A meeting was held on this issue. The blueprint for the modern cafeteria is already prepared and once a few more formalities are completed work will be started." ###

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