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NSU Board of Directors Syndicate involved in PM's Office documents forgery (Episode: 01)
Utpal Das
Published : Friday, 26 June, 2020 at 11:16 PM, Count : 10334

NSU Board of Directors Syndicate involved in PM's Office documents forgery (Episode: 01)

NSU Board of Directors Syndicate involved in PM's Office documents forgery (Episode: 01)

Despite direct involvement of Tariqul Islam Mumin, the permanently expelled vice-president from the BCL in the case of forgery of the Prime Minister's documents, there is an influential syndicate of Northsouth University behind this. Today is the first episode of a series of investigative reports on the irregularities, corruption and anti-government activities of the board of directors of this private university, which is already accused of sponsoring the militants. 

Tariqul, the expelled vice-president of Bangladesh Chhatra League, is currently in jail on charges of changing the decision of the Prime Minister by forging documents from the Prime Minister's Office. 

Besides, there are activities and indulgences of some teachers and employees involved in this fraud. On the same day that Momin was arrested, Shahjahan, a member of the Board of Trustees, the mastermind of the fraud, fled to the United States via London. It is known that Shahjahan has been using the leaders and workers of Chhatra League for various misdeeds for a long time. It is learned from university sources that former chairman of the management council Mohammad Shahjahan, accused in the case of militant attack on Gulshan Holy Artisan Bakery, Dr. Gias Uddin Ahsan, Executive Director and Administrative Chief Former Army Officer Mohammad Saber, Public Relations Officer Jamil Ahmed, Former Bureaucrat and Current Board Secretary Zahurul Islam, Board Joint-Secretary Mosharraf Hossain Mridha, Former Proctor Nazmul Ahsan Khan and Jamaat-affiliated teacher Md Zakaria are involved with Tariqul Islam Mumin. An official at Northsouth University's Accounts Department, who did not want to be named, told Vorer Pata that the money paid to Tariqul Islam Mumin was withdrawn from Northsouth University's new campus development fund by Mohammad Shahjahan, former chairman of the management council and current chairman of NSU campus development committee. 

According to sources, GU Ahsan or Gias Uddin Ahsan or Gias U Ahsan currently wanted to be treasurer from Dean and Nazmul Ahsan wanted to be VC from Pro-VC the of the university. And that Tariqul took the initiative to appoint those two. 

For this, they also gave large sums of money to Tariqul, that is, they used to give some amount to Tariqul in every month, as confirmed by the police and the detectives. Disobeying the President's order in collaboration with Md. Shahjahan, GU Ahsan has been the Acting Pro-VC for more than three years.

 GU Ahsan, who specializes in corruption, has been tactfully acquitted of all misdemeanors from Holy Artizan to date and money laundering investigations by Bangladesh Bank. One of the trustees of Northsouth University is Md. Shahjahan who is accused of sexual harassment and sending university students to different quarters. Also, Md. Shahjahan has given jobs to some girls in the university just for the sake of his enjoyment. What he used to do to get the girls to his bed room in the university is largely to the detriment of Papia. 

Meanwhile, in the wake of a student's complaint in the Prime Minister's Office, an investigation committee headed by UGC member Dr Dil Afroz Begum prepared an investigation report after some time and submitted it in the form of a report to His Excellency the President, the Prime Minister's Office and the Education Minister's Office. The remedy has not matched in the last one year.

Mohammad Saber, the executive director and chief administrative officer of the NSU, and Habiba Eva, his secretary, are said to be one of the ringleaders. Together they gave women gifts from different quarters to please their emperor Md. Shahjahan. Md. Shahjahan would have been very happy with them. In the past, many female teachers and female staff at North South University, Md. Shahjahan had been making bad offers to travel abroad directly. 

Not only that, GU Ahsan, Abdul Khaleq, Shahidul Islam and Nazmul Ahsan used to get their work done with the help of Md. Shahjahan and Benazir Ahmed for their ACR and promotion. Owners have a slightly closer relationship with the Department of Life Sciences. 

Not only that, GU Ahsan also organized a honeymoon for university owners in Thailand. This is one of the reasons BOT members are happy with it. GU Ahsan and Nazmul Ahsan used to secretly hand over various confidential documents including admission trade, provision trade to that Tariqul. 

Tariqul was responsible for the list of failed students, giving the student to the soft teacher, the list of those who failed in the admission test and the consultancy on admission. Tariqul was involved with the syndicate. The Tariqul Chakra became awkward due to their exposure. 

They always encouraged him to commit various misdeeds by exerting political influence. Mumin became close to Mohammad Zakaria, a teacher affiliated with Jamaat-e-Islami, a confidant of Gias Ahsan, accused in the militant attack case. 

Tariqul trades in university admissions for a semester class, trades in recruitment for provision and money. Talking about the job in the GP call center, he took about 10 lakh rupees from about 20 students. GU Hasan is also associated with this Bhagwatwara. As a reward for this, only Tariqul, the expelled vice-president of Chhatra League, who had just passed the Higher Secondary examination, was named as the author in a research paper on the name of former acting Pro-VC GU Hasan. 

According to another university source, GU Hassan's PhD degree is questionable and his various research papers submitted to the university have been submitted by associating his name with foreign authors, but no trace of his contact with those foreigners has been found. 

It is known that the Holy Artisan attack was planned at the house of Dr. Gias Uddin Ahsan. Dr. later. Gias was arrested but he had regular contact with Tariqul in prison. At present, GU Hasan and Md. Shahjahan, a member of the Board of Trustees, have regular contacts with Tariqul, the expelled vice-president of Chhatra League. 

Allegedly, all the investigation committees and cases are spending huge sums of money to influence different sectors. For example, Bhatara police recovered an illegal pistol from the locker of Imran, the security chief of North South University, which was published in several national dailies with pictures.

 Now it is heard that it was a toy pistol. It is heard from another source that security chief Imran once kept the pistol recovered from a student in his locker. It is sometimes heard that the North South authorities have made only one GD and have not filed any case which makes it impossible to file case. 

Rumors are now rife among students and teachers at North South University that retired Brigadier Saber, Md. Shahjahan and retired Major Imran used a large number of endangered students at the university to use a large number of illegal weapons to train in militant attacks. 

A committee of inquiry was formed against GU Ahsan, Brigadier Saber and Major Imran after the PM's documents were forged and they were barred from entering the university. Students and teachers are of the opinion that they have not been able to remove all these illegal weapons used in militant training as a result of the sudden ban.
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